Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warm Ups

Missing Warmups?
We've had an issue with leaving our warm ups on deck after meets. We've collected 3 sets of warmup pants over the past few meets. We've also recieved emails and been told by our swimmers that they are missing their warm ups. Please do us a favor and check the number of warmups that you have. Both the tops and bottoms should match up to the number listed below.

1 Allison Lee
2 Danica deWaha
3 Sarah DeGroot
4 Sam Tinsley
5 Irina Bird
7 Amber Buskard
8 Rachel Rich
9 Katy Kasberger
10 Kendal Warren
11 Ashley Buskard
14 Lauren Alward
16 Megan Lee
19 Caitlin Beyer
20 Elizabeth Orzechowski
21 Rachael Dandeneau
22 Kristen Janssen
24 Emily Dougherty
25 Hayley Landstra
27 Steph Spruit
28 Abby Bennet
29 Kassie Blok
30 Stephanie Polet
32 Taylor Wiercinski
33 Kennedy Butcher
34 Maddie Dyer
35 Delanie Bosworth
36 Bethany Lee
38 Rachel Burian
39 Elissa Brumels
40 Katie Skinner
41 Krystal Murphy
42 Holly Postma
43 Betsy Zwier
45 Sydney Steele
46 Jessica Gambish
47 Kaylee Fitzpatrick
48 Lena Stefon
49 Dana Nicholson
51 Kara VanderKallen
52 Courtney Coutchie
54 Kelly Dietrich
55 Hannah Carpenter
56 Brittany Mink
57 Katherine Schmieser
60 Alyssa Wysocki
61 Caitlin Ritter
58 Taylor Veenstra
53 Corinna Worthing
31T + 59B Lauren Wynalda

Boosters List
Please check out the Team Info page for information on what night you're scheduled to volunteer.

Parent Contact Sheet
Also, we've been working on a parent contact list. If you do not want your number on this list, which will be solely distributed at practice in paper form (not posted on the internet), please let us know. Otherwise, be on the lookout for a parent contact sheet coming home with your daughter soon!

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