Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy 2010!

Hope this message finds all of you well & enjoying the New Year. Although delayed, I wanted to thank you all for your very generous gift. When Keith brought me the huge pink bag -- I was so excited. I absolutely love the picture frame! Being a big picture person, I can't wait to fill it up. It holds up to 4,000! I plan on using the spa medicure and pedicure before my friend's wedding in August. I've never had a medicure or pedicure before; it will be a new and luxurious experience for me. The candles smell beautiful and I have used the Meijer giftcard to get some posters and a lamp for my room. I love the atompshere now!

The whole gift was wonderful -- Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful. I hope to see all of you over the course of the year. Can't wait for another great season! Stay healthy and active. See you soon!

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