Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank you for a great season!

Thank You
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the season. We had a great season because of all the work everyone put into our program. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. In case you missed my closing remarks at the banquet, here they are for your reading enjoyment:

We’ve been very focused on 4 things this season that have helped us make big strides down the road from good to great. They are

Believe in yourself

Believe in your team

Believe in your coach

Believe in your dreams

While I think that this team has come a long ways and even surpassed some of our expectations, I think we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of how strong we can actually be. Next year the expectations are set even higher, you’ve set the ball rolling this season, now it’s time to step up into the big shoes we’ve created and show our competitors how competitive we can be.

In the off season, think about what your goals are for next season and for your entire swimming career. More importantly, believe that you can achieve them and that you, your coach and your team are all working hard to help you achieve these goals. Dream big! We can be a great team and are well on the road to getting there. Keep those goals in mind and strive for them every day. We’re looking forward to the great year ahead of us, but it doesn’t take the dedication of the team for 4 months in the fall, it takes the dedication of the team throughout the year. Get involved and stay active and in the pool. We have the potential to have a spectacular year next year, please make sure that you are doing your part to make it a reality!

Warm Ups
If you haven't turned in your warmups yet, please make sure to turn them in to Mrs. VanGessel in the athletic office. The warmups I am missing are as follows:
Lauren Alward - 15
Racheal Dandeneau - 19
Stephanie Payne - 29
Taylor Wiercinski - 34
Stephanie Polet - 45
Corinna Worthing - 53
Paige Martin - 20

Record Board Update
For those who broke records this season, we will be able to nab the fully-operational lift on Monday, December 13 at about 3:30PM. Please plan on coming to help and celebrate the transference of records.

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