Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome Back!

It's about that time again! Girls swim season is quickly approaching. Here's some information you'll need to know.

First day of practice - Please note that in order to practice with us, you'll need your pink slip from the Grandville athletic office.
Wednesday, August 11th
4:30-5:30PM - In the pool
5:30-6:15PM - Team Introductions and meeting
6:15-7:00PM - Dryland Practice/Team Building

Due to scheduling issues and the middle school pool being closed down, we will be deviating from our typical summer schedule. Here's what you can expect. Until August 23rd when we can get back to our normal schedule.

7:00-9:00AM - In the pool normal practice
4:00-5:30PM - Classroom time/dryland/teambulding and in the pool technical swim practice

3:00-6:00PM - In the pool normal practice/ dryland/ teambuilding

Please check the blog often! All of our team information will be available on our website at GRANDVILLEAQUATICS.COM

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