Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Good Health...

First of all, after the update yesterday I realized after many emails that I didnt put the meet schedule up. Here's what came straight from the packet.

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Diver report for warm-ups (dressed and on deck) 7:30 AM
Pool opens for diving warm-ups 8:00 AM
Entries due for Diving at official’s table 8:30 AM
Diving starts 9:30 AM
Swimming warm-ups 12:00 PM
Swimming warm-ups MAY start during diving (Please keep athletes as quiet as possible)
Coaches’ meeting will be held at the completion of diving competition
Swimming starts 1:30 PM

In Good Health and Good Spirits...
As we near the peak load of our season your girls are going to start feeling more sore, more tired and probably more cranky than usual. My concern is growing this week as we have quite a few swimmers out sick or injured. I spoke with them today about taking care of themselves both at practice and at home. At practice they need to be focusing on stretching correctly, exercising correctly and swimming correctly as the intensity and yardage increase. At home and at school, they need to make sure they are eating healthy and well. An average swimmer at practice burns more calories than they are used to. To compensate for this and to make sure that their bodies can cope, it's important that they eat healthy and more often than just breakfast, lunch and dinner. On top of that, swimmers need to make sure they are getting the rest they need to kick any illness and let their bodies recoup after a long day at school and practice. Please help me help them stay in good health and good spirits.

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